HMRC Tax Investigations

A tax investigation is a thorough review processed by a tax authority to recover tax undercharged in previous years of evaluations. Tax investigations are undertaken by Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs (HMRC) or can be done in the form of an audit, either internal or external. If your business is under a tax investigation, it is very important to have experienced advisors, such as Layton Kaye, by your side. We will support and guide your business through the entire procedure.

Our team will work towards resolving your tax investigation, tax enquiry or tax dispute with HMRC. Clients can rest assured that we will do everything available to get the minimal possible tax penalty. A tax investigation can also be part of a tax dispute. This can occur when either you or the HMRC do not agree with the amount of taxes paid or due. We have the ability to deal with HMRC on your behalf avoiding going to court.


Our Tax Investigation Services Include:

  • Reviewing your tax situation.
  • Planning disclosure reports.
  • Dealing with third parties such as solicitors.
  • Preparing for appeals.
  • Consulting with HMRC.
  • Settling tax investigations.
  • Negotiating your tax penalties

After we have resolved your tax investigation, we can implement systems that protect your business against future tax enquiries.

VAT Investigations


No area of financial legislation is as complex as Value Added Tax (VAT). Many businesses unintentionally overpay or underpay VAT. Therefore, it is crucial to have an external party handle your VAT affairs for you. Layton Kaye has a vast experience in handling VAT investigation, registration and returns. Mistakes made in calculating VAT can be costly and the system of penalty charges, interest rates and late submissions can add to that burden. Layton Kaye's cost-effective VAT compliance and planning services can relieve you and your company of this strain.

Our Vat Services Include:

  • Deal with VAT reviews
  • Completing VAT returns.
  • Assist with your VAT investigation
  • Vat Compliance Reviews.

PAYE and Employer Compliance Reviews


A PAYE review is carried out by HMRC officers to ensure that employers are fulfilling their obligations with regard paying the correct PAYE tax and National Insurance Contributions. It also includes the Construction Industry Scheme and its obligations to subcontractors.

An Employer Compliance Review Will Focus On:

  • Operation of PAYE and NIC.
  • Benefits in Kind.
  • Employment Status of Workers.
  • IR35.
  • Expense Disclosure.

Once an error is found, HMRC can issue penalties up to 100% of the tax due. It is essential to have professional representation for all tax inquiries and Layton Kaye is only a phone call away.

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