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Why Choose Layton Kaye

Exceptional Service

We endeavour to provide each and every client with the best possible service. You will receive your own personal accountant to help you with all your accounting needs.

Amazing Value

We strive to ensure our customers receive an excellent service at the most affordable price.

Dependable, consistent support and advice.

We have been practicing for over 30 years and are ACCA accredited. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients receive the greatest advice and support.


Layton Kaye holds a team of accountants and business advisors who provide large corporations and diverse individuals with various accounting services throughout the United Kingdom. We offer tailored services suited to your needs and provide innovative, professional advice.

We have over three decades of experience in accounting, specialising in auditing for corporations and charitable organisations. We value your finances the way you do, and leave no stone unturned when dealing with your business or personal accounting requirements.

After numerous years in the industry, we are able to provide tried and tested advice that will help you to manage your business. With our help, not only will you be able to reach financial goals, but you will have time to focus on bigger and better things.